Bagpipe Tune

Dive ee Ken the Horse Bagpipe Tune by Andi MacInnes


One fine day some time in spring,
my trusty car to Hawick did bring.
Parked up and a wee stroll doon a lick,
brought me upon a handsome sicht.

For I had spied a fair big sculptured horse,
upon a plinth and none the worse.
The horseman upon the steed bore forth a banner, that got me thinking by which the manner.

I took a couple of pictures of the said dedication
for later study and search of explanation.
But not before I’d written a tune for the pipes,
my own salutation; a jaunty number I fairly liked.
Then I got to thinking there may already be a ditty
to celebrate the tale of the said effigy.

This led to the Ken the Horse web fest;
the tale, the song, the pics and the rest.
And, duly I was fair amazed to hear
the rendition of the song when it hit my ear.

For I had written my tune quite separately,
Yet, still there was a certain parity.

The fact I could hear the similarity
gave me much heart for my dedications finality.

So, I sent it to KEN for his perusal
and he passed it around and it was met with approval.
Therefore, while it should never try to compete,
if my pipe tune is able to compliment KEN, how neat.

For it was never my intent to challenge any other verse and chorus.
To aspire to rally the troops to the fold, it’s purpose.

Ergo, should the skirl o’ the singing haggis spout forth
‘Div ee ken the horse’, with gusto and force,
I hope it’ll help to bring both heart and cheer,
to the KEN THE HORSE supporters, each and every year.

Andi MacInnes

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