Ken Song

Ken The Horse

An Englishman from Englandshire got lost far from home
Hei’d went streight oan it the Watford Gap n broke his Tom Tom
Till hei came ti Hawick wi it’s traffic scheme, n went roond n roond hei did
Till hei asked a couple o freendly folk, n this is what they said


Div ee ken
Ken whae……..
Ee ken
Hei says neigh……
Oh ee ken
O aye o’course
Ken the Horse, Ken the Horse, Ken the Horse, Ken the Horse
Now New York hez its Liberty n Nelson hez his Column
Bit the Hawick News wudnae gei’um an inch, n aw wudnae gei ma right airm for’um
Copenhagen bums o The Thinker be a sculptor ca’d Rodin
Bit they henni got Ken the Horse, Teri-bus or Teri-odin


Now Ken hez badges, cartoons n a cookbook for yer tei
Hei even hez a web cam for aw the wurld ti sei
Bit they moved um frae where hei yaised ti stand ti avoid the motor car
Or some folk say hei wuz kinda feird o the folk in Frankie’s bar


Bit Major Beattie oo’ll no forget or aw the Teri’s thit niver came hame
Or the brave callants it Hornshole thit gave oor Ken his fame
For thats the real reason oor here the day… ti celebrate oor toon
N keep that spirit in yer hert n sing the whole year roond

Chorus x2


© 2010 Iain H Scott

Lyrics and MP3 – Courtesy of Iain H Scott – Hawick Man.
featuring Iain H Scott, David Chapman and Cammy Reith LOL